1. To make a payment you must complete all the fields in the "Credit Card Information" and Select A Payor box.

  2. Click on the [Continue] button, after completing all the fields in the Enter Your Credit Card Information and Select A Payor box.
  3. Then you will be moved to the Summary Page. Please review the information on this page.
    1. If you need to make changes, click on the [Modify Payment Information] button ( it's the Blue Button).
    2. If the Summary Information is correct. Click on [ I Authorize this payment and Convenience fee Charge] button, located at the bottom of the summary page ( It's the last button on the Summary Page).

  4. If any of the information is incorrect, you will be taken back to the Credit Card information page. At the bottom of the page you will see, "The Credit Card Number supplied in the authorization request appears to be invalid" . Correct the information and the press the Continue button

  5. If your bank approved the payment, your receipt will display on the screen (see example below).

    If your bank did not approved the payment, you will be taken back to the Credit Card information page. At the bottom of the page you will see, " Your card has been declined. Please try with another card. " . You will need to contact the bank or company that issued you the credit card.

  6. To verify a payment click here Verify A Payment. This Link will return you to the main page.
    • Select the "Credit Card Payment" link. This will take you to the Case Identification page.
    • Re-enter your case Identification number
    • Click on [Submit]
    • Check the current balance in the Outstanding Balance section.

  7. To prevent the Expired Page message, you can do the following.
    This is very common for Internet Explorer (IE) browsers and it is due to a setting on your system.
    The setting forces the IE browser to not cache or save information from encrypted pages.
    If you want to save or cache encrypted pages you need to change the setting by opening IE,
    • click on TOOLS, then INTERNET OPTIONS and
    • select ADVANCED from the tabs.
    • Scroll down to SECURITY and make sure that the box for "Do Not Save Encrypted Pages to Disk" is UNCHECKED.
    • Then click APPLY, you should now be able to use the back button to correct your credit card information.

Note: All payments are posted on the date the payments are made. To verify a payment, return to this page (after making a payment), re-enter your case ID number and check balance - Or call 901-222-3400

What is a CVV2 Number?

CVV stands for "Card Verification Value" (Discover Card calls it the "Cardmember ID")

All credit cards carry a security code number. It is the last 3 digits AFTER the credit card number in the signature area of the card

If you have a Visa, MasterCard , or Discover Card - please turn your card over and look in the signature strip. You will find (either the entire 16-digit string of your card number, OR just the last 4 digits), followed by a space, followed by a 3-digit number. That 3-digit number is your CVV2 number. -See below, the security code highlighted.

Visa & MasterCard:

Visa & MasterCard CVV2 Number

Discover Card:

Discover Card CVV2 Number


Your CVV2 number is used as an additional security measure on our site.

You are required to enter this security number before your PAYMENT can be processed.